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Translation is a work of art

The flexibility and realiability of Certified Professional Translators, with first class customer service. Freelance Translators with the same background.

Areas of expertise

As an experienced Translator, Thomas Nicoli has had the opportunity to work with leading companies on different markets and in different sectors. He is well aware of the challenges these industries have to face and he can help you select your translators for your language combinations and projects.
Milling aluminum parts

Mechanical/Building Engineering

From horizontal lathes and safety procedures to proposals involving the description and details about combined cycle power plants, we worked on very substantial volumes for big actors in the industry.

Creative Translation

Thanks to a real literary sensibility and an adaptive writing style, we have been able to participate in the writing of numerous advertising campaigns and in the translation of blog articles.

Surgeons discussing medical history


We mostly worked on projects involving clinical studies and protocols for pharmaceutical laboratories and health organizations.

Automotive Pro Mechanic


Our experience in this sector covers maintenance guides for professionals in the industry.

two satellite dishes in Bavaria Germany

Information Technology

We translated documents involving the setup of omnidirectionnal antennas as well as technical procedures.

How we Work

I think the most important thing when it comes to technical translation is being perfectly aware of what you are dealing with. Constantly learning about new material and procedure might seem tedious but but should be considered like a beautiful challenge. You need to keep yourself constanly updated about what's going on in the industry you specialize in, that is why:

Why Trust Metamorphoses Translations?

We are qualified translators with real certifications but we know this will never be enough to be great professionals. That’s why we rely on constant improvement.

The Expertise

Proven expertise working with leading actors in the different industries in specialize in

Cost-efficient Quality Care

You get your projects delivered faster, with no extra work needed after completion

The Flexibility

I always do more than my best to comply with my clietns requirements in terms of deadlines and processes

Great Customer Service

Because projects that have been delivered might be subject to modifications, I will always remain at your disposal

Advanced CAT Tool and DTP

We use the best CAT Tools and we master the Adobe Creative Suite and DTP tools in order to make sure your projects look and feel perfect in their target languages

Best Resources for the industries

We use glossaries, dictionnaries and terminology that I constantly keep updated

Let's get to work

If you are looking for a reliable network of translators that you can collaborate with on a long-term basis, look no further, you can trust our team!

About me (founder): I am a certified PRO translator (ProZ network) and I have a Master’s Degree from one of the best translation schools in France. I am also certified by the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and the COCEF in Spain in Business and Marketing Translation.

I would define myself as “a technical translator with a creative bent of mind”.

I have a background in Fashion and Online Marketing and I am also an experienced copywriter.

Thomas Nicoli, Founder of Metamorphoses Consulting and Bandersnatch marketing services
How can we help you?

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"Mister Thomas is an outstanding person who knows how to express his professional opinion and is prepared to take over the most demanding tasks and responsibilities. He is performing his professional work with a great level of attentiveness, in accordance with professional code and mandatory standards."

Matevž Šušteršič Co Founder TAIA TRANSLATIONS

"Thomas is continuously providing us with great works as a freelancer for the FR market, offering a wide range of services like Copywriting, Translation and SEO (e.g. Keyword Research). Thanks for the good quality and steady availability to make our clients happy."

Anastasia Rylnikov Digital Marketing and Localization Manager Transperfect

"Thomas has provided really good quality translation and copy adaptation work! He was very agreeable to work with and prompt as well. He has provided work for digital translation projects for Transperfect where I am currently working as Project Coordinator."

Anca Codruta Oprean Project Coordinator Transperfect

"I truly enjoyed working with Thomas. Thomas is the kind of person who doesn't shy away from getting his hands dirty and he is a true team player at heart. He is a very talented multi-tasker, trustworthy and well respected amongst his peers. Thomas would be a great asset to any company."

Svenja MacRorie Customer Success Manager

"His work is of high quality, he is always available and extremely reliable. It is always a pleasure to count on him!"

Laeticia Abihssira Translation Manager Blarlo

"Thomas has been an outstanding manager as well as a very skilled and organised professional with an incredible attention to details and that's also the reason why he has been able to grow that quick in the company."

Jasper Garvida Creative Director Éthologie

"Mr. THOMAS NICOLI with passport 11AK34166, provides Free Lance Translation services, since August 29, 2017, known for his great job and punctuality in the delivery of translation projects and we can strongly recommend them for their efficient work. "

Martha Lucia Martinez C. Talent Manager Tvains International

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