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Our Team

What are we?

At Metamorphoses Translations, the translators who are members of the team are also key actors within the organization. We do not operate as a translation agency where we can often notice a certain redundancy when it comes to costs and processes. We do not work with thousands of translators who come and go. We have a strong team of freelance translators who are reliable and meticulous in their work.

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Our Team

Elisabeth Sebastian

English, Chinese and Spanish to French Translator

Elisabeth is a very experienced translator. A graduate of INALCO and ISIT in translation, communication and intercultural management, Elisabeth has gained a wealth of experience in the digital marketing and commerce industries.

Her expertise covers marketing, advertising, corporate communications and human resources, as well as information technology and software localization.

Diego Portola

English and Spanish to French and Spanish Translator

Diego is a translator but also an interpreter who translates into French and Spanish. He has had the opportunity to work for many clients including NGOs and specializes in translation for international organizations, literature, art and audiovisual translation.

Bruno Lemarchand

English and Spanish to French Translator

Bruno has a Master's degree in translation from ISIT Paris and has had the opportunity to work in several different countries, translating financial documents but also for the tourism and sports industries.

Bruno is a translator with a passion for words and the art of matching them.

Gabriela Kouahla

English, French and Romanian to French and Romanian Translator

Gabriela is an extremely skilled and experienced translator who worked with major players in different industries. She absolutely loves her job and performs it with passion and rigour.

Gabriela holds multiple certifications including a Bachelor's degree in Translation from the University of Craiova, a Research Master's degree in English language and an editing certificate from the Poynter Institute.

Gabriela is also a Sworn Translator.

Debbie Garrick

Spanish and French into English Translator

Debbie has a love of words and over 6 years of experience as a translator.

She understands the art and manner of capturing the true essence of the brands she works with so that she can brilliantly convey their message and ensure that all the documents she translates can be perfectly adapted to their target audience.

Debbie specializes in Marketing, Tourism, Fashion and Cosmetics.

Lisa Séguélas

German and English into French Translator

Lisa is a high-level translator that masters English, French, German and even... Latin! (yes, that wonderful ancient language).

Extremely talented with words, she will always find the right term to adapt your texts into French and strengthen the authority of your brand.

Her practice of the Latin language allows Lisa to work with unparalleled performance when translating.

Brian Moreno

English/French/Spanish/Italian/ Romanian/Portuguese/ Catalan Translator and Interpreter

Brian Moreno has literally devoted all of his life to languages and possesses impressive linguistic abilities. If multilingualism were to be embodied by a human being, it would certainly be by Brian Moreno. Brian is fluent in more than 7 different languages and is capable of simultaneously interpreting speeches and conferences in his working languages.

We are proud to introduce you to the James Bond of translation.

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