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Machine Translation Post Edition

Post-editing: Faster and cheaper translation

Your translation workloads may be such that you need to automate your processes. You would like to use the services of a professional translator, but this service is time-consuming and the price is too high. Machine translation, on the other hand, offers an unsatisfactory result; you need to preserve your brand image. Our post-editing service is the answer to your needs.

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Post-Editing Guidelines

As a professional network of certified translators, our services include machine translation and computer-assisted translation (CAT) to translate large volumes of text quickly, with the highest professional quality. The concept is simple: your documents are pre-translated by the machine and then revised by ourselves. The revision covers :

Every approved segment is stored in the translation memory dedicated to your company. We thus have access to very large translation and terminology databases that allow us to generate translation suggestions on the following texts; in this way, the more texts are translated, the more suggestions can be made and the more relevant they are, so the less we have to work on them, and the more we gain in productivity.

As part of this service, we ensure that the translation is reliable and consistent. Focusing on productivity and sense more than on terminology, the post-editing service is particularly well suited to technical fields rather than commercial documents, where a good level of language is paramount.

Cost-effectiveness of post-editing

Like in standard translation, the higher the volumes translated, the lower the price. In post-editing, the price per basic word is about 50% lower than that of a pure translation service. The volumes and productivity gains are such that we are able to drastically reduce both the turnaround time and the translation rate.

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