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Automotive and IT

Two highly productive industries

The automotive industry is clearly an important pillar of the European economy, and although some companies have suffered some setbacks as a result of cases of non-compliance with emission controls, the sector has begun a very important process of technological transition. New energies, autonomous cars, connected vehicles, the automotive world is on the verge of revolutionising our habits.

The IT sector is a large and growing market. The players in this market are telephone operators, equipment manufacturers (OEMs), software publishers, etc. We are able to handle all translation needs in the telecommunications field. We provide a full range of translation services from translations of marketing and technical documents (press releases, product sheets, website content, etc.) to translations of partnership agreements and annual reports.

Automotive Pro Mechanic

For the automotive industry

We can translate any type of project into French, here are a few examples:

  • Translation of automotive manuals

  • Translation of maintenance manuals

  • Translation of the training manual

  • Translation of contents printed on the product packaging

  • Translation of marketing and promotional content

  • Catalogue translation

  • Website translation

For the IT sector

Whether it involves software, intranet platforms, IT hardware or even video games, we can help you translate different types of projects:

  • Website, e-commerce, intranet, extranet, diverse applications

  • Product sheets

  • Back office, specific contents

  • Video or e-learning file

  • Operating instructions, technical documents

  • Payment software

  • And many more...


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